We spent the first quarter of the year building our website and developing the majority of our corporate structure. In addition, we launched our coin (DMN) and completed BSC verification. We went directly into marketing after launching all of this, developing our social media accounts and growing our communities. We’ve also released our first free-to-play game, which is available across multiple platforms.


Redesign our website and update the theme to make it appear more professional. Prepare yourself for the release of our first Play-To-Earn game. This is a first-person shooter game called Delta Squad. Complete the final elements of Delta Squad in preparation for the April 2022 soft launch. DMN has been added to more than 25 new coin promotion websites. Launch our new Leaderboard feature, which provides players with a profile and the opportunity to compete for DMN in our Free-To-Play games.


We’ve made some substantial changes to Domain to make it more professional for new investors, as well as launching our main Play-To-Earn game. This will be followed by Delta Squad updates for the remainder of the quarter. Our CEX listing goal has risen to the top ten, providing us with a significant amount of free marketing. Within our leaderboards, we’ll be unveiling our long-awaited awards area. This is incredibly exciting since it provides our gamers with an additional opportunity to earn more DMN.


We’re putting a lot of emphasis on marketing and upgrading Delta Squad in Quarter 4 with the addition of new classes and game features. Delta Squad, we believe, will never be totally finished because we will continue to improve it in order to keep the game at a high level. In the coming quarter, we’ll begin developing new games and increasing our crew to meet the demands of our growing communities. Due to the fact that it is the end of the year, we will be conducting a massive DMN giveaway. By then, we should have been listed on five exchanges, allowing our users to purchase and sell DMN with ease.

Q1 & Q2 2023

In 2023, we plan to make significant advancements in expanding our community to a large number of people worldwide. Based on our daily users on Delta Squad, we hope to host a live event as well as a Delta Squad player meet up where all of the players can gather in a specific location around the world. We’ll also be releasing a lot more Play-To-Earn games in 2023, offering our members additional ways to earn while also drawing new players from other gaming demographics.

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